Book Presentation

December 13, 2023

On December 13, 2023 (2h30 PM, Rome time) Laura Macor will present her recently published book Il mestiere di uomo. La concezione pratica della filosofia nel tardo illuminismo tedesco (Morcelliana, Brescia 2023).

The book presentation will take place at the University of Verona, but online attendance will be possible. Please contact Prof. Davide Poggi to receive the link. 

The event will be in Italian.

PWL International Seminar | Session 7

November 15, 2023

The next session of the PWL International Seminar will take place on November 15 (4 PM UTC). Caleb Cohoe will give a talk with the title “Augustine’s On The Trinity as Protrepticus and Spiritual Exercise: The Christian Pursuit of Inner Wisdom”. More info here.

Online Forum

November 9, 2023

On Thu 9 November, at 7 PM AEDT there will be a zoom forum on Christopher Gill’s Learning to Live Naturally: Stoic Ethics and its Modern Significance.

Prof. Gill will speak for 30 mins, followed by 15 minute presentations on different aspects of the book by Assoc. Prof. Matt Sharpe (ACU philosophy) and Judy Stove, assistant editor of Stoicism Today. There will then be 60 minutes of Q&A with Christopher Gill.

More information here.

New book

October 20, 2023

Simone D’Agostino‘s reference work Esercizi spirituali e filosofia moderna: Bacon, Descartes, Spinoza is now available in English language.

As the third volume in Brill’s series on Philosophy as a Way of Life, the book explores the close link between asceticism and access to truth in the early modern period, focusing in particular on Francis Bacon’s New Organon (1620), René Descartes’ Discourse on the Method (1637), and Baruch Spinoza’s Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect (1677). The author aims to show that these modern works fully deserve to be counted among the tradition of philosophy as way of life.

More information here.

PWL International Seminar | Session 6

October 18, 2023

The sixth session of the PWL International Seminar will take place on October 18 (4 PM UTC+1). Hélder Telo will give a talk with the title “Philosophy as Askēsis or Pathos? A Heideggerian Challenge to Hadot and Foucault”. More info here.

Post-Doc Position (6 months)

October 2, 2023

The project is going to offer a post-doc scholarship for a 6-months research stay at the Nova Institute of Philosophy (IFILNOVA), in Lisbon. The call is open until October 16, 5 PM (Lisbon time). The description of the position and admission requirements can be found here.

The PWL International Seminar is Back

September 20, 2023

The fifth session of the PWL International Seminar will take place on September 20 (2 PM UTC). Matteo Stettler will present a paper with the title “Dante and the Bolognese Averroists: On Philosophy as a Profession and a Way of Life in XIII and XIV Century Italy”. More info here.

New edited collection

July 20, 2023

The volume Wittgensteinian Exercises. Aesthetic and Ethical Transformations, edited by Lucilla Guidi, has just been published by Brill.

The book explores and expands a Wittgensteinian account of philosophy as an ongoing transformative practice. It investigates the simultaneously aesthetic and ethical dimension of philosophical exercises, so as to uncover their transformative potential for and within ordinary practice, conceived of as a weave of inherited embodied habits. In so doing, it explores new ways of doing philosophy in a Wittgensteinian spirit.

More information and table of contents here.

Kick-Off Conference

July 5-6, 2023

The kick-off conference of the project will take place on 5-6 July, at the New University of Lisbon (NOVA-FCSH).

The conference will be dedicated to a metaphilosophical discussion of PWL, under the title “What Exactly is Philosophy as a Way of Life? Boundaries, Crossroads, Deadlocks“, and it will count with the participation of John Sellars, Eli Kramer, Jordi Crespo, Elettra Stimilli, Federico Testa, Pawel Odyniec, António de Castro Caeiro, Hélder Telo, Fábio Serranito, Matthew Sharpe, Matteo Stettler and Gianfranco Ferraro.

Registration required only for online attendance via email to

More information and programme here.

Fourth session of the PWL International Seminar

June 14, 2023

The last session of the PWL International Seminar this academic year will take place on Wednesday, June 14, at 4 PM (UTC+1). Lucas Nascimento Machado will give a talk with the title “Life Beyond Capitalism: An Attempt at an Interlocution Between Hadot, Foucault and Byung-Chul Han”. More information here.

Online Conference

May 22-24, 2023

On May 22-24, Pawel Odyniec & Ervik Cejvan organize an online conference on “Spiritual Exercises, Self-Transformation and Liberation in Philosophy, Theology and Religion”. The conference is organized by Lund University & Karlstad University.

Speakers include Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad, Matthew Sharpe, Xiaojun Ding, Marta Faustino, Karl-Stephan Bouthilette, Jordi Crespo, Jessica Frazier, James Madaio, and Eli Kramer. The full programme can be found here.

More information and registration here.

Next session of the PWL International Seminar

May 10, 2023

The third session of the PWL International Seminar will take place next Wednesday, May 10, at 4 PM (UTC+1). Eli Kramer & Leonard Waks will give a talk with the title “Growth Unbound: John Dewey on the Socio-Cultural Role of Philosophy as a Way of Life”. More information here.

Workshop With Prof. Richard Shusterman

April 26, 2023

Next Wednesday (April 26) Prof. Richard Shusterman will be in Lisbon for a workshop dedicated to the discussion of his recently published book Philosophy and the Art of Writing (Routledge, 2022). Besides Shusterman, Antonio Cardiello, Bartholomew Ryan, Eli Kramer, Hélder Telo and Marta Faustino will intervene in the discussion. Full programme here.

Second session of the PWL International Seminar

April 12, 2023

The next session of the PWL International Seminar is already next Wednesday, April 12, at 12 PM (UTC+1). John Sellars will give a talk on “Aristotle and Philosophy as a Way of Life”. More information here.

New date for Matthew Sharpe’s talk

March 21, 2023

The seminar session with Matthew Sharpe has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 21, at 8 PM (UTC). The title of his talk is “Considerations on Philosophy as a Way of Life as Historiography of Philosophy: Restricted and Expanded Programs”. More information here.

First session of the PWL International Seminar

March 8, 2023

The PWL International Seminar starts already this Wednesday, March 8, at 8 PM (UTC). Matthew Sharpe will give a talk with the title “Considerations on Philosophy as a Way of Life as Historiography of Philosophy: Restricted and Expanded Programs”. More information here.

New translation

March 2, 2023

Pierre Hadot’s final work, N’oublie pas de vivre: Goethe et la tradition des exercices spirituels, is now available in English! Translation by Michael Chase, with a foreword by Arnold I. Davidson and Daniele Lorenzini.

Check it out here!

Project launch

March 1, 2023

The exploratory project “Mapping Philosophy as a Way of Life: An Ancient Model, a Contemporary Approach” starts today! Get to know the project, meet the team and stay tuned for all the upcoming events, including the virtual seminar starting next week!